Skin Rejuvenation at UltraSlim Utah

UltraSlim red light technology is a noninvasive and nonabrasive method of rejuvenating skin using intense pulsed light (IPL) to enhance skin tone, lighten brown or age spots, smooth away fine lines, stretch marks, and loose or saggy skin. During red light therapy for skin rejuvenation, light exposure is extended from the usual 8 min setting to a longer 20 min setting. However, we extend the distance of exposure, allowing for light to focus on the skin instead of penetrating through to the fat cells. The light exposure on the skin allows the fibroblasts to produce more elastic collagen in the cells. Each LED session lasts about 20 to 25 minutes, with most people needing around four to six treatments to achieve desired results. Skin therapies are painless and no recovery time is necessary.

How Does Red Light Work to Rejuvenate Skin?

Years ago, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered that a red light-based technology they were developing to improve plant growth in space causes skin cells to rapidly produce large amounts of elastin and collagen. These two substances are essential for skin to maintain its firmness, suppleness and youthful appearance, especially as we age and production of collagen and elastin significantly decreases. NASA researchers also found that this portion of the red light spectrum promotes healing and degeneration of soft tissues while stimulating your immune system.

Benefits for Youthful Looking Skin

Skin rejuvenation procedures can be used on your face, back, chest, neck and many other areas. In addition to increasing production of elastin and collagen, red light therapy for skin rejuvenation also:

  • Reduces the appearance of freckles and sun-induced brown spots
  • Shrinks hyperpigmentation
  • Decreases appearance of spider veins
  • Fades age/liver spots
  • Helps control acne outbreaks and blemishes
  • Improves skin tone

How Safe is Skin Rejuvenation Using Red Light Therapy?

Unlike harsh laser light therapies designed to treat skin conditions, our red light therapy does not cause burning, redness or other adverse side effects associated with other light therapies. You do not need to prep before receiving an LED treatment nor is there any down time following treatments. Depending on the severity of your skin condition, you may see results after two or three sessions or may need several more sessions to achieve your desired results.

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