Are you ready to shrink your fat cells almost instantly? While this may sound too good to be true, this is exactly what UltraSlim weight loss technology can do for you.

What is UltraSlim?
UltraSlim is a patented system that uses red light technology to trick fat into flowing out of body cells. The technology was invented and patented in 2011 by UltraSlim’s founder, Terry J. Ward, M.H.A. UltraSlim does not destroy fat cells, but it does greatly reduce their size, creating weight and fat loss. The red light fools the fat cell’s mitochondria (energy center) into opening up the cell’s membrane, allowing triglycerides (fat particles) to escape the cell, shrinking the size of the cell. The body then disposes of the excess triglycerides the same way that it disposes of all other waste- it simply leaves the body in the bathroom. While the office visit is quick, the internal process of eliminating the fat particles usually takes place within 48-72 hours after the office visit is complete.

Weight Loss Light Therapy
When dieting and exercise just aren’t getting the job done, it makes sense that you’d look for an alternative solution to help you achieve your weight loss goals. There are a variety of reasons why you might need extra help with weight loss. Perhaps you’ve had one pregnancy after another, and now you don’t have the time for the amount of exercise you’d like to do. Maybe you are dealing with an injury or dietary conditions that make it hard to lose weight. This is where UltraSlim weight loss light therapy comes in. UltraSlim is a painless, effortless, doctor approved way to lose weight.

Does It Hurt?
UltraSlim is not painful- the red light used to shrink fat cells does not generate heat. There are no needles or incisions- the light is simply applied directly to the skin, and it painlessly penetrates the skin to target the fat cells inside. There is no downtime and no recovery after an UltraSlim procedure. For many patients, it’s as simple as scheduling an office appointment during their lunch break, then returning to work for the rest of the day. As fat particles leave the body, the patient feels no discomfort.

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